As a local landlord of a pub in Wandsworth, it would be easy to get down in the dumps
right now, “Why are we having to close earlier? We’re not the ones spreading the virus”
would be one of many excuses to be a grumpy landlord at the moment (and maybe a
fair one), but being the heart and soul of a local community has not changed, and
keeping that focus will see us through the other side , there are many positives about
our new normal ways of working in a pub at the moment, here are just a few…

Re-engaging with the local community after a long and boring summer was heartwarming.
Welcoming the locals and regulars back to the pub after 3+ months in July
definitely created a stronger bond between my team and the people of Wandsworth.
Despite the circumstances, there is still a hungry appetite to get to the pub! Since day
one of opening on July 20th customers were bursting to get in, yes we’ve had to turn
away a few punters due to having less tables, but the appetite has been consistent
since day one.

Making the most out of the opening time we do have is paying off! Despite losing a few
hours at the end of each day, we’ve managed to get the pub open early at 8.30am
Monday-Friday for the local parents of Wandsworth to pop in for a coffee after
dropping the kids off, even if it’s only a few coffee’s every morning, it’s worth it to give
the locals a warm place to go to have a safe nitter -natter.

As for the future, we can be optimistic can’t we? We see no reason why we can’t plan
positively for Christmas and try and give everyone something to look forward, so we’re
taking bookings as normal for the festive period, whatever restrictions are in place we’ll
take it in our stride and deliver December with a smile (even if you can’t see them!).


We’re celebrating Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this September by opening at 8am every day between Monday 21st-Friday 25th…But don’t panic, it will be super social, super distanced, and super responsible! With so many chimney pots in the Wandsworth and Putney area and many schools to boot, the area is crying out for somewhere to socialise after the school run…So why not join us at the pub to socialise? 

Look forward to waking up!

Studies have shown that those people that get up early live a longer and more productive life, the Japanese concept of Ikigai, translating to mean “the reason for which you wake up in the morning”, certainly makes us question why we make our best plans later in the day, why not look forward to the morning too? One of the key concepts of Ikigai is to mentally connect with others, and doing that earlier rather than later may lead to a more fruitful day! Meet those fellow like-minded mums and dads of Wandsworth earlier on in the day and get your day started right!

Sipping the right bean

Here at the Queen Adelaide, all we aim to provide the best coffee experience possible by serving only Street & Co, a new 100% Arabica blend premium coffee from the family-run business John Street Beverage.  The blend is a medium-bodied coffee with rich toffee sweetness, honeyed notes, and a soft citrus finish.  With all coffee beans being sustainably sourced, John Street Beverage is proud to hold certification from The Rainforest Alliance. Served with a freshly baked disk of shortbread, we are also getting that metabolism started early, which is proven to get your body functioning correctly from the off!

Can socialising be done responsibly? 

Despite the tightening of social restrictions by the government recently, it’s still possible to get out and socialise responsibly. Booking with as much info as possible is key, letting us know when you are coming and how many of you are coming, even if babies and buggies are attending, let us know! Breakfast time is the quietest time of day, so it’s easy for us to keep groups distanced, as long as groups are no bigger than 6 people it’s no problem! We also have a beautiful beer garden, sitting in the early morning sun and socialing will also reduce the risk of any virus transition.

Giving back to the community

Giving back to Cancer Research is important for us, one of our long-standing managers has been battling cancer for years, which is why we’ll be giving the cost of every coffee we sell between 21st-25th September to Macmillan Cancer Research.  

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